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My goal is to stay true to my father's legacy by employing the virtues of courage, conviction, and the heart to defend the rights of all people."
Floyd McKissick Jr.

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When you work with the firm, you’ll be in contact with your attorney over the course of the case so you’ll know where you stand.


With a reputation for leadership, commitment and professionalism, you’ll know you’re in good hands from the outset.

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When you have questions, we have answers. You’ll be able to get prompt responses so you can make informed decisions.

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We Will Take on Crises & Emergencies

We know that sometimes a legal issue emerges with little or no warning to the affected individual. We understand this can add further stress and anxiety to a situation that is already complex. When you need experience and timely help, we’re here to step in and help you figure out your next steps. We’ll work hard to understand your case quickly and effectively.

Working to Find Diplomatic Solutions

With years of experience in the field, we know that most cases will be resolved long before trial. That’s why our approach is to consider all possible resolutions and strategies for you whether or not you end up going to trial. You might be able to end the dispute diplomatically or outside of court.

With a lawyer helping you with the most appropriate solution, you’ll know that you have someone working hard for your interests. Being aware of all the options gives you the power to determine the right course of action for you.

Ready for Court If Necessary

Even though most cases are successfully resolved outside of court, our legal team is prepared to go to court and begins developing trial strategy immediately. This means that whether or not your case does go to court, you’ll feel confident that you have a lawyer ready to fight for your rights. Comprehensive preparation gives you multiple opportunities for successful resolution.