Case Results

Client Charged with 12 Felonies

Successfully negotiated plea to 1 felony, all other charges were dismissed

Represented Defendant who was charged with 12 drug-related felonies. After substantial discovery and case preparation.

Wrongful Death Caused by Over Sedation

Successfully obtained a substantial settlement on behalf of the family in excess of statutory limits for negligence in North Carolina.

Represented family of a Father who died as the result of over sedation during a dental procedure.

52 Properties to Split in Divorce

Successfully negotiated the equitable distribution of the 52 rental properties between the parties.

After client discharged prior attorney in an Equitable Distribution proceeding.

Breach of Contract Out of State

After Substantial discovery, the case was dismissed in client’s favor on Summary Judgment.

The client, an entertainer from North Carolina, was accused of Breach of Contract and Slander in the State of Ohio.

Local Business Owner Acquires Shop

Successfully negotiated the acquisition of the property on extremely favorable terms and conditions.

Local businessman who owned a small super market chain with other family members wanted to purchase a small shopping center to accommodate his business.

Child Taken Out of State

Obtained an Order transferring custody of the minor child to the Father in North Carolina.

The Mother had removed the minor child out of state. The Father discharged his prior attorney who initially filed the child custody case on his behalf.

Mother Lost Custody of Children

Obtained visitation privileges and custodial rights with her children.

Mother had lost custody of her children due to drug use

Land Use and Annexation

Represented developer in annexing property to a local city and obtained appropriate zoning to allow for development of the property.

Employee Wrongfully Fired

Motion to Dismiss was not allowed in Court. Employee was reinstated and awarded 7 years of back pay, benefits, and attorney’s fees.

An employee filed a lawsuit against his former employer alleging wrongful termination. The employer subse-quently filed a Motion to Dismiss his case.

Minor Speeding 90 MPH

Minor did not lose license and the charge did not impact parent’s insurance.

Represented a licensed minor who was charged with traffic violation for Driving in Excess of 90 MPH.