Businessman in handcuffs in courtroom

Violating a State or Federal law is a serious offense, so you should take the time to find serious representation. We have represented individuals in a variety of cases. From traffic violations, to thefts, assaults, drug cases, embezzlements, and misdemeanors, everyone has the right to an attorney in order to obtain the best possible outcome.

Received a traffic citation? Were you legally stopped by an officer either in North Carolina or out of state? Was your vehicle or home legally searched according to procedure? In any of these situations, we are uniquely qualified to assist you. Your traffic violation or the criminal charged filed against you could be reduced or even dismissed with professional legal representation. Convicted of a felony could mean years of your life taken away, but with an attorney by your side, someone who is able to see all sides of the legal challenges which you face, could bring that sentence down from years to months or days. Success looks different for everyone. Do not compare your case to others. My goal is to create a personal strategy to make sure your rights are upheld and that you obtain a successful outcome.