Regardless of whether you are filing a lawsuit or whether you’ve been served with papers relating to a lawsuit filed against you, it can be a very challenging and frustrating experience. Before you file a lawsuit, we can analyze the strengths and weaknesses in your case, as well as, the claims which should be included in your complaint. If a lawsuit has been filed against you, then it is important that you assert your defenses in a timely and expedient way and if necessary counter claims should be alleged against who has sued you or potentially against a third party. Your failure to act in a timely way could expose you to a civil judgment and the possibility of you waiving potentially meritorious defenses.

You need competent, experienced, and effective representation which can assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome in court or through negotiations. We have represented clients in District Court, in Superior Court, both inside and outside the State of North Carolina, as well as, in administrative hearings in North Carolina.

We have also assisted clients who have discharged prior attorneys and obtained favorable outcomes even after cases were decided against them before thousands of dollars were accrued obtaining an appeal. We can assist you in cases running from Breach of Contract to employment disputes and even cases relating to the alienation of affections.

The filing of a lawsuit is an emotional process. A courtroom can be intimidating and navigating civil procedures can be confusing. Trying to negotiate on your own will be both difficult and costly, time and money-wise. Whether you are filing a lawsuit or in the midst of negotiating a settlement, professional guidance is necessary to make sure your desires are communicated. When stepping in a courtroom nothing beats experience.